Inmates' rampage in juvenile home

Inmates' rampage in juvenile home

Eighteen inmates of the juvenile Government Remand Home at Madiwala here, set fire to bedding and destroyed computers, TV sets and other electronic appliances in the early of Wednesday reportedly in an attempt to create a diversion for escaping from the institution.

Narasimharaju, Superintendent of the Home, said: “Between 12.10 am and 4.30 am, the situation was tense as Bharath, Vishwas, Ekanth, and Saddiqi roped in others and went berserk. With the help of hacksaw blades, they tried to cut open the ventilator grills and escape. But when their attempt was thwarted and the locality police were called in, they set ablaze to valuables inside, trying to divert attention.”

Fire tenders were rushed to the spot to tame the flames. The police eventually overpowered the boys.

A case has been registered under sections 141,143, 144, 147, 457, 224, 511 (read with 149) of the IPC and investigation is on.

Meanwhile, there is another version doing the rounds. Past mid night, the boys were singing some Hindi film songs. As the singing became somewhat raucous, the cook and the woman help ordered them to behave themselves. Irked, the boys started ragging the staff. When the situation went out of control, the remand home staffers were forced to take the help of Madiwala police.

Once the boys saw the men in khaki approaching the building, they vented their anger on the equipment. In the melee, they set on fire furniture, destroying it. A few cut the water pipes and taps and letting water flood the rooms, as the staff watched helplessly. By early morning, once the boys’ rage abated, normalcy was restored.

However, so pathetic are the conditions at the remand home, that the boys needed little provocation to go berserk. Incidents of juveniles trying to escape from the home or attempting suicide have been reported in the past.