Double astro-treat for sky lovers this weekend

Double astro-treat for sky lovers this weekend

 Sky gazers are in for a double astro-treat this weekend as Mars, Saturn and a bright star can be easily viewed without optical aids from sunset to sunrise.

The cosmic show will begin tomorrow when the moon snuggles up to Mars and both the celestial bodies will appear very near to each other as seen from Earth, Planetary Society of India director N Raghunandan said.

The reddish-planet can be seen with naked eyes in the eastern direction, he added.
Apart from this conjunction -- when objects appear to be close together in the sky -- astro enthusiasts can also witness Jupiter and Venus in the western skies.

On February 12-13, celestial gazers can spot Spica -- the 15th brightest star in the constellation Virgo, and Saturn paired with Moon, Raghunandan said.

The conjunction of moon with Spica, which is 260 light years away from earth, will occur on February 12, whereas conjunction of the natural satellite with Saturn will take place on February 13.