Technopark IT firm carves niche in mobile applications

Technopark IT firm carves niche in mobile applications

In less than two years, the Technopark-based Schogini Systems have made giant strides in mobile applications, touching 3,000 downloads every day of their around 450 mobile applications and even getting a word of praise from US President Barack Obama.

From a staff of just six two years back, Schogini have touched 46 in the past few months and in six months, will expand to 400, said its managing director Sreeprakash Neelakantan.

Speaking to reporters here, Neelakantan said their latest products in the artificial intelligence gaming industry are ready. Schogini had joined hands with chess engine creators Don Dailey and American Chess Grand Master Larry Kaufman to offer Komodo 4 (one of the top two chess engines in the world) on mobile and Facebook platforms.

"We are also done with the launch of a game called The Laser Game: Khet 2.0. We have partnered with the game's inventor Luke Hooper of Innovention Toys US to provide this game on mobiles and face book platforms," said Neelakantan.

Schogini have been commended by Obama on one of their mobile applications, which daily gives a new alert on the latest in environment.

"The US president commended us on Facebook about this application," said Gayathiri, the second in command at Schogini.

Among the most awaited mobile application, slated to be out next week, is a Hindi-English dictionary which can be downloaded with or without an internet connection.

"Anyone can download this on their iPhone or I Pad and simply type the word for which the meaning is sought and it is readily available. We are now getting this dictionary in 15 languages which include Indian and foreign languages, and it would be out in under six weeks time," said Neelakantan.

Speaking about the revenue sharing for each download, he said that 30 percent goes to the provider (Apple) and the remaining 70 percent comes to them.

"We have touched a turnover of Rs.3 crore in a very short period and in the next few years, it will touch Rs.300 crore. We have already booked new space of 20,000 square feet in the Technopark campus," added Neelakantan.

Among their applications more than 100 are games while 30 are educational ones and rest are other applications.

"The educational ones range from products for pre-school kids to higher classes and the entire work including the voice has been done by our staff who are engineers and experts in lateral thinking. That's why our product for pre-school kids is ranked 30th among the more than two lakh similar applications," said Neelakantan.