No idea of Nasheed's whereabouts: Maldives envoy

No idea of Nasheed's whereabouts: Maldives envoy

Calling the violence that swept through the island nation following the ouster of Mohamed Nasheed as ''unlawful and unfortunate'', Maldives High Commissioner to India Abdul Azeez Yoosuf Thursday said he has not heard anything about the former president.

"The former president was holding demonstrations on the streets yesterday (Wednesday). He had been apprehended by police and then immediately released and after that I did not hear anything about him," Yoosuf told Times Now news channel.

He said the violence following the ouster of Nasheed was unlawful and unfortunate but the country has the capacity to handle it.

"I cannot conclude anything about the incident as that's a legal process. We are law abiding people and unfortunately we did not expect what has happened, destruction to properties and various other things. The defence and police have assured that it will be minimised and safeguarded and we have capacity in handling it," he said.

Replying to a question about Nasheed's family seeking refuge in Sri Lanka, Yoosuf said: "They are three people and I think media won't give much coverage to their movements within country or outside country."

"My experience is that these incidents have happened in the past but in any of such events no family of any person has been affected," he added.