'A good diet matters a lot'

'A good diet matters a lot'

Easily Contented

Telugu superstar Venkatesh was last seen in the Telugu version of ‘Bodyguard’. It became a super-duper hit despite being made in several languages. At 51, Venkatesh still looks stunning with the energy of a young man in his 20s.

Passionate : Venkatesh DH photo by Dinesh S K

He’s one of  those who few actors who doesn’t wear his attitude on his sleeve. During his recent visit to the City for the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) he did all that he could to make sure he cheered the boys in his team. Apart from cricket, acting is his next love.

“I’ve come a long way – played so many different roles and so many games. People have accepted me for my contributions and I am grateful. I believe that a good diet matters. And what you consume shows on your body,” Venkatesh tells Metrolife, confirming that he’s one of those who eats to live.

 Venkatesh can carry it off just as well in a cop’s role and in family-oriented subjects. “But people have accepted me as a family man. Most of my films that have broken records have me playing a cop or in a family subject. I don’t want to break the image that I have among the people,” he asserts.

That he’s still a hottie among women was proved by the number of heroines who chose to hang around him during the recent CCL matches in Bangalore. Some of our own Sandalwood stars would never leave the chair beside him. “I’m chilled out and quite flexible as a person and as an actor. I take things easy and don’t get provoked very quickly. That’s my strength,” he points out.

Venkatesh will soon be seen in a multi-starrer Telugu film titled, Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu. “Having been in the industry for as long as I can remember, I am not bothered by multi-starrers. The up-and-coming actors must be given a chance to explore their talents,” says Venkatesh. Up next is, ‘Shadow’ where Venkatesh is playing the role of a don. “Dark characters have always excited me and they continue to. Every film offers a new learning experience,” he observes.

Asked why he never contemplated doing too many Bollywood films, he says, “I am quite content with the Telugu film industry. I enjoy a  certain comfort and freedom in my industry that I am sure I won’t find anywhere else.”