Get lost in sepia-tinted magic

Get lost in sepia-tinted magic

Photo Exhibition

There is a visual treat for photography connoisseurs in the City. Photo exhibition ‘Borokhun, an Assamese Voyage’ by photographer Prabir Purkayastha is on in Delhi till February 29 at Trapezoid Gallery.

Photogenic : Visitors at the exhibition.

The exhibition that kicked off on January 23 explores the natural beauty of Assam and features 35 prints in black-and-white and colour. The photographs speak a lot about the landscapes and villages of Assam. Through his work, Prabir also captures the life in the rural bastions of ancient Assamese culture.

According to Prabir, winner of the Habitat Award for best photography exhibition for 2002, the main theme of his work is water, which according to him is of dual nature, both bringing cheer as well as disasters for inhabitants of the land. “These pictures are vignettes of rural life in Assam,” says Prabir.

He adds, “My work intends to create a visual drama which would engage the viewers by isolating them from the outside world”.

Most pictures on display are black-and-white with a few portraits in colour. “I am basically a black-and-white photographer. Though Assam is intensely colourful with a lot of greenery I still prefer colours like black-and-white,” says the artist.

Clicked over a period of 10 years, every picture displays an aesthetic sense and unique technique of photography. These pictures depict the life of rural Assamese in various avatars, displaying their happiness and sorrow.

While recollecting the dangers involved while imaging the scenes, Prabir explains, “There was a situation where I had to shoot a storm. But I went ahead and clicked it bravely. It taught me to stand up to the challenges and do what I intended to do.”

Through his photography, Prabir has caught the essence of life in rural Assam in his passionately crafted images, be it the fishermen standing on his boat with dark clouds of monsoon hovering over him or the flight of migratory birds.

It surely is a voyage to the land of Brahamaputra. Every image is set in a very tranquil atmosphere that transports the viewer into the beauty of the place providing solace from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Originally from Assam, Prabir graduated in English literature and began his career in Thailand as a journalist before returning to India to work in the advertising industry. It was only later that he took to photography as a full-time profession. He has held several international solo exhibitions with his pictures on Ladakh grabbing attention and awards globally.

His images on Assam are so mesmerising and powerful that a viewer truly finds himself interacting with nature.

Ahana Kaul, owner of the Trapezoid Gallery says, “This is the first ever photo exhibition on Assam in Delhi and I’m very excited to host it. We have been getting a good feedback from visitors.”