Are we well aware to battle cancer?

Are we well aware to battle cancer?


Her life came crumbling down when Anjana Chaudhary, a homemaker was detected with blood cancer. Her son, Ambuj Chaudhary shares, “It was during a regular check-up that my mother was detected with cancer.”

Awakening : A patient undergoes treatment for cancer.

Later, his maternal uncle was also diagnosed with malignant tumour. His kidney was removed well in time to stop the cancer from spreading and now he lives a healthy life.
 “Therefore even if you are fit and fine, a thorough check-up once a year is a must for all,” Ambuj cautions.

Thankfully, this young man’s family was saved, but not everyone is that lucky.

On the occasion of World Cancer Day that was observed recently, Metrolife asks Delhiites about their level of awareness towards this dreaded disease, especially since the latest data by Indian Council of Medical Research’s (ICMR) shows that breast cancer is highly prevalent among Delhi women followed by cervical cancer.

While among men, lung cancer is the most common at ten per cent while seven per cent of all cancers are of the prostate.

As compared to breast cancer, there is very little awareness about cervical cancer in India that sees 1.34 lakh new cases every year. Take for instance, 25-year-old public relation officer, Richa Gupta, who doesn’t go for a check-up due to hectic working hours. She says, “I do feel it is very important for women to get their regular check-up but there is hardly any time for it.”

Reshu Khanna, a 24-year-old homemaker also feels the need to go for a check-up but admits having a casual attitude. She says, “I believe all of us get very lazy and don’t take things seriously till the time we are affected.”

While a casual attitude is rampant among Delhiites–many families, whose loved ones have been detected with the disease – too suffer. Chhavi Juneja, 28 says, “My mother-in-law was detected with breast cancer at a very later stage. We had taken her to a doctor when she complained of pain and realised that it had become worse and she had to suffer a lot.

Though she is well now but the chemotherapy has made her extremely weak.” She adds, “Since I have seen my mother-in-law’s condition, I have made it a point to go for a regular check-up at least twice a year. Dr Aanchal Agarwal, IVF expert and gynaecologist says, “It is a fact that many people are still not fully aware about various types of cancer and their symptoms. Also, the urban population often overlooks the need for a regular check-up because of shortage of time.”