Answering Kuku’s call

Every one knows that fame comes with a lot of pros and cons. Every actor has to face these advantages and limitations, but an incident which has embarrassed the new chocolate boy Ruslaan Mumtaz is that since his movie Tere Sang has released, he has been getting many comments about the scene where the girl tells him she is pregnant.
Ruslaan has been travelling across the country and everywhere he goes, people have been calling out, ‘Kuku, I am pregnant’ to him.
Even his friends and family have started calling him Kuku now. What does he have to say on this?
Ruslaan answers, “It was funny in the beginning when my friends and family started calling me Kuku, but now even the audiences across    India have started doing the same. It did get embarrassing a few times when the whole line was repeated but it has also been humbling, that the audiences have recognised me. The movie has been getting great reviews and so has my character. I am extremely happy to have been a part of this film.”
Well Kuku...oops Ruslaan, we are sure there are a lot more adulations awaiting you with open arms.

As good as Hollywood

James Bomalick, the Hollywood action director of The Fast and The Furious and Tokyo Drift fame was so stunned by Akshay Kumar’s passion for action, that he could not stop singing praises of the Bollywood star. James, who worked with Akshay in Blue, noticed that Akshay was always hungry and enthusiastic to do action scenes.
A unit member said, “James felt that Akshay was the answer to Hollywood action heroes. What impressed him further was Akshay’s meticulous dedication to performing action scenes in the film. The way Akshay took interest in knowing details about the action scenes and how he always was more interested in making things safe for the unit members rather than himself. James was also completely bowled over by Akshay’s confidence in doing some of the most dangerous stunts that the main heroes would not do otherwise.”
James also felt that Akshay was one of those few actors who performed their own stunts. “The efforts that Akshay put in his stunts really impressed James.”

It’s all in the genes

Shruti Hassan is a true example of a multi-talented actress. And her recent stint explains it all.
As widely known, the pretty actress has been busy composing music for her father’s film Unnaipol Oruvan, the Tamil remake of A Wednesday. But Shruti sure doesn’t believe in restricting talent, in the process she even conceptualised a music video for the film.
And that’s not all, the leggy actress has also co-directed this video. Well, having inherited the lethal combination of beauty and brains from her parents, we sure are not surprised.
And sources confirm that the song is a hip-hop number titled Vaanum Ellai Illai.

Also called Easier Said than Done, it features the popular international rapper Blase.
Insiders claim that the music video is a modern take on the theme of the film and contains many elements from the film.

It’s actually a contemporary expression of the same subject and the actress is using hip-hop to spread a political message. To add to the finesse of the music video, Shruti’s pretty sister, Akshara has been roped in for the project too. The junior Hassan is a trained hip-hop and jazz dancer. Hence, it’s no surprise that Akshara is the choreographer of the music video. No doubt, talent runs in the family.

A complete style icon

Dino Morea is often referred to as the style icon of today’s generation. Given his unique way of using mismatched items in a single outfit, and actually getting fashion lovers and critics to sing his praises, are things that the other male celebrities envy about him. This hot hunk not only has a great physique but also possesses a distinct sense of styling.
It goes without saying that the actor who is busy with his next movie Acid Factory has given a new personal touch to his character by dressing in his own unique manner.
Says Dino, “I’ve tried to work on minute detailing with my stylist for this particular role and have become leaner and added accessories like hats; leather strings and charms for the neck; and also grown a French beard. Coming from a fashion background works in favour for me.” Wait and watch Dino’s striking new look.

Return of the nightingale

Which actress wouldn’t feel honoured to have the nightingale of India do playback singing for her? So, Bengali beauty Rituparna Sengupta is extremely excited about Lata Mangeshkar herself singing for her. And what makes it doubly exciting for Rituparna is that Lata didi will be singing for a Bengali film after 17 long years. This is the reason why one will find Rituparna constantly smiling these days. As she says, “Shouldn’t I be excited? It’s anyway an honour that I’ll be in a song sung by Lataji. And when I got to know that she is singing in Bengali films after 17 long years, I felt doubly honoured to be cast in that song.”
Rituparna will also be seen in Srinivasan’s latest movie Love Khichdi with Randeep Hooda.