What's the fuss all about?

What's the fuss all about?

This is travesty of justice that a person is declared guilty by mass hysteria.

I am amazed at the fuss that the media and the general public are making on three of our honourable ministers, who were watching the videos on their mobile phones during the debate in our august House.

I mean, what’s wrong? All they were doing was to understand the context of the next point on the agenda that was to follow. And the subject was the pros and cons of the rave parties. If they had made some inane comments in their speeches, we would have been the first one to bash them.

Can our permanent representative in the United Nations take any significant part in discussions on the sanctions on Syria without knowing what the subject is all about? A lot of research is done and provided to him before he utters a single word in the international body, discusses, debates and then votes. No different here.

When I joined the Toastmaster club, I was mentored by a senior who advised me that researching the subject before writing the speech is most important. And after that practicing the speech at least twenty times made all the difference but I can’t forget his advice to me that words carry only seven percent of the impact whereas the visuals that you show have a lasting effect on the minds of the audience.

When I asked one of my political contacts, this is what he had to say: That the ministers had planned to criticise  and condemn the rave parties and then show the visuals and ask the legislators this question with a strong vocal intonation: Is this what we want in our state? Is this level of moral turpitude acceptable to us? After seeing the visuals, the legislators would have found it easy what position (on the subject, dash it) to take.

I can’t for my life imagine that our minister, who just the other day, advised our womenfolk to dress properly so that they did not become a target of indecent advances which lead to rape do anything indecent. How can the same person be enjoying porn unless he was a bipolar personality?

The second reason that my heart goes out to them that even in the case of a daylight robbery or murder where eye witnesses are present, the person is not hanged. There is an FIR, investigation, evidence collection, presenting the evidence before the court, examination and cross examination, court decision, and right to appeal and here we want summary court martial of ministers, duly elected by us as our representatives, to be thrown out of the Assembly. Are we a military dictatorship? This is travesty of justice that a person is declared guilty by mass hysteria. Not done in a democracy.

My heart bleeds for them to see their reputation has been tarnished before a full investigation. Let us never forget it took them years of hard get there and be thrown overnight into the dustbin is patently unfair. I rest my case.