Chronology of age row

Chronology of age row

Following is the chronology of events of Army Chief General V K Singh's age row in which he today withdrew his petition from the Supreme Court:

* 1970: Singh was commissioned in the Indian Army.

* 2002: Gen Singh demands the differing records be reconciled as the Army's Adjutant General branch had his date of birth as May 10, 1951 but Military Secretary's branch records showed it as May 10, 1950.

* 2006: Gen Singh is promoted to Lt-Gen rank, says he was forced to give an undertaking accepting 1950 as the year of birth.

* 2008: Gen Singh promoted as Army Commander. He gives an undertaking to maintain 1950 as his year of birth.

* 2010: Just before his appointment as the Army Chief in April, Gen Singh writes to the then Army Chief Gen Deepak Kapoor and Defence Secretary saying the issue was a closed chapter.

* October, 2010: An RTI application is filed by an IAS officer seeking Army chief's birth date. It is referred to legal adviser to MoD, who says the chief was born in 1951.

* May 6, 2011: Ministry of Defence (MoD) objects to being bypassed in seeking legal opinion. Army Headquarters make efforts to correct the records.

* May 2011: Army chief petitions MoD on the issue, demands 'reconciliation' of his date of birth.

* July 21, 2011: Based on Attorney General's opinion, MoD rejects Gen Singh's demand.

* August, 2011: Gen Singh files a statutory complaint to Defence Minister A K Antony on the age row.

* December 30, 2011: Ministry of Defence rejects Gen Singh's statutory complaint on the basis of Attorney General's opinion.

* January 16, 2012: Gen Singh moves Supreme Court.

* February 3, 2012: SC gives government an option to withdraw the December 30, 2011 order saying it appeared to be "vitiated".

* February 10, 2012: Government tells SC that it has withdrawn December 30, 2011 order but sticks to July 21, 2011 order. Gen Singh withdraws petition after SC says it is not in favour of entertaining his petition.