A platform for amateurs

A platform for amateurs

New Perspective

A group of young amateurs seem to have decided art can no longer be the prerogative of a few privileged people. According to them, anybody with a streak of talent should be able to involve himself or herself in the art form.

Entertaining : A scene from ‘Snakes-N-Ladders’.

Called ‘Slice of Life’ (SoL), this community held a display of amateur talent at Alliance Francaise.

Part of this display was an art exhibition titled Gubbare and a play by ‘Mad Hats Theatre’ called ‘Snakes-N-Ladders’. The exhibition at the gallery included works by both first time and long-term amateur artists and were presented on a wide range of media, from canvas, water colours, photography all the way to embroidery.

For better understanding, each of the artists was introduced with a note that gives his or her background, interests and a description of the works displayed. Gubbare has successfully given amateur artists a platform and art enthusiasts a refreshing perspective.

The second part of the display, was a play, ‘Snakes-N-Ladders’ by ‘Mad Hats Theatre’. Directored by Puneet Gupta, the play delves into the life of the sales department of a corporate giant. Two candidates, Stella and Anand arrive for an interview at Fairview, a company.

While Anand, despite his lack of preparation lands a sales job, Stella is offered the post of an office assistant. The story further revolves around the changing dynamics of the company and those of people within.

Gautham N as Anand slips into his character with ease and plays the clever, power hungry sales executive with much elan. Gautham Iyer as Sameer also pulls off the second sales employee quite well.

The character of Stella has been played by three women, one each for the different stages of her life. The lack of expression, timing and over induced hysterical laughs hardly brought much comfort. Besides the main story, there are small digressions in ‘Snakes-N-Ladders’, which play out some oft-repeated funny sequences.
A few actors played multiple roles and did bring a few laughs.

The lack of space coordination and light zone reflexes on stage didn’t help matters much and made ‘Snakes-N-Ladders’ turn out as a largely amateur act with presentable sets and a few real actors.