'Good chemistry works magic on screen'

'Good chemistry works magic on screen'

Mass appeal

Tall, dark and handsome, Kollywood actor Vishal, the captain of ‘Chennai Rhinos’ is no gambler and doesn’t leave anything to destiny.

Positive : Vishal

He believes in chalking out his career graph as an actor. While cricket and lots of cricket is keeping Vishal busy at the moment, he has also bagged a few substantial projects.

And looks like Vishal has taken his role as the captain of the team pretty seriously and seems determined to lead the boys to victory.

“I don’t think actors are any less professional than cricketers. We train in the same length and practice just as hard. A few close friends from the Tamil film industry get together and play cricket once a month. So we are in constant touch with the sport,” Vishal tells Metrolife.

Vishal is looking forward to working on his role as a trek guide in Samaran.

“It’s an action thriller and I had to lose a lot of weight for the role. The role is interesting and requires this young man to travel to an unknown place in Ooty – this journey changes his life forever,” he explains. Incidentally, Vishal is no stranger to trekking.

He confesses that he heads out to the Himalayas whenever he can afford to take a break.

“My experience in trekking has helped in the film. I have been given a rugged look in the film. I virtually live in my jeans and we’ve focussed on a more earthy look,” he adds. 

He will soon start working on the film, which will be directed by Linguswamy of Sandakozhi fame that broke box office records and projected Vishal as a mass hero.

“The subject is similar to Sandakozhi but it is going to be better than that.”

In yet another untitled film by director Sunder C, Vishal is playing a triple action hero. “I’ve never played a triple role before and I am really looking forward to the film. I wonder what it would be like to see the same person in three different roles,” observes Vishal.
What’s more Vishal is thrilled because he is teaming up with close friend Trisha. “I have known Trisha for more than 10 years now and this is our seventh attempt to act together in a project. Somehow, the earlier opportunities to work together never materialised,” he reasons.

Is it important to have a good rapport with your co-star? “Yes, of course, good chemistry works magic on screen,” he wraps up.