Well being

Well being

Q I recently read an article in Living about hair dyes and the damage it causes to your hair. I plan on straightening my hair. Will that damage my hair too?

A Hair straightening is done with the use of chemical lotions and direct heat application. It should be done by an expert hairstylist, in order to get the texture and condition of individual hair right. Repeated hair straightening with chemical lotions and heat application does lead to hair damage. Regular conditioning after shampoo is important. Also, take good care of your hair with hot-oil therapy and deep-conditioning treatments.

Q I am a 14-year-old girl and I am five feet tall. I consider myself short for my age. Will I grow any taller after 14?

A As height is a complex measurement and highly dependent on ones genes, I cannot say with certainity whether you will grow taller. Girls are more likely to stop growth after the age of 18, so you still have 4 years to go!  How many meals in a day do you eat (3 or 4)? What are the components of that meal (whole wheat chapathi/ long grain rice/ vegetables/ dals/ fresh salad)? Do you eat enough of protein-rich foods (sprouts, lentils, dals, nuts, seeds, beans, peas, fish, chicken)?

Do you drink sufficient water (atleast 6-7 glasses a day)?  Eat atleast 3 nourishing main meals along with one healthy snack (fistful of nuts and seeds) with more focus on protein foods (mentioned above) and keep yourself well hydrated during the day. Secondly, physical activity: How many minutes in the day do you devote to physical activity (1-2 hours)? Do you play a sport? Do you have an active weekend like going to the park and playing with your friends? You should follow this mantra: Stand up, Sit less, Move more!