Crime for love

UnnamMalayalam (U)Director: Sibi MalayilCast: Asif Ali, Rima Kallingal, Lal, Nedumudi Venu,Sreenivasan

It’s not hatchet or knife but pistols that do the talking here. We again get the taste of Sibi Malayil’s penchant for giving colour to the dark side of society... evils of human mind.

The story, which lacks depth, is more about crime and less about love. It is said through the lives of five men of different ages who bond through years of association. 

The past comes to prod Sunny, a don who had hung up his boots years ago. The old warhorse brushes up his skills again, but this time, more to help his syndicate. 

From the beginning, the plot looks a bit unconvincing, despite the weighty theme it deals with. The light manner in which Srinivasan handles his role further softens the tone. The film has murder in cold blood or shootings at point blank, all for lust and love.

Well, the climax is exposed much early, and the film winds up with an illogical conclusion. The plus point is, it doesn’t drag to bore you.