HDK: Will waive off farm loans, if voted to power

HDK: Will waive off farm loans, if voted to power

Mega convention held at Hanur in Chnagar district

Ex-chief minister H D Kumaraswamy assured that farm loans would be waived if JD(S) was voted to power with a majority in the next Assembly elections.

Speaking at a public meeting held at Hanur in the district on Friday as part of the state-wide tour launched by JD(S), he criticised the BJP government for its anti-people policies.

“My father always says that people attend my meetings in large numbers but they do not translate into votes.

So if people vote for us in the next election we would launch our government programmes from Chamarajanagar”, he said.

“Even though the Yeddyurappa government presented a separate agri-budget and earmarked Rs 17,800 crore for farming, the funds have not been used constructively. Organic farming got Rs 200 crore. But only Rs 18 crore has been spent out of the Rs 50 crore released for the purpose. We are not touring the state to come to power, but to highlight the problems of farmers,” he added.

MP N Cheluvarayaswamy, Basavanagowda Patil Yatnal, Bandeppa Kashampur, Puttanna, Kote Shivanna, Chikkamaadu, David Simone, Annadani, S Balaraj, M Panchakshari, J Shivamurthy, Ponachi Mahadevaswamy, Shakeel Nawaz, Abdul Azim and Subramanya were present on the occasion.