American leaves sans surrogate son

American leaves sans surrogate son

Jamaican officials advise her to get a passport for her child

After running from pillar to post for weeks for a travel document for her surrogate son Emperor, the American national J Pearlinda Van Buren left for Jamaica on Thursday, to arrange for a Jamaican passport for the baby.

“On the advise of the officials of Jamaica foreign affairs, I’m going back to get a passport for my Emperor,” she told reporters before leaving for New York on Thursday night .

The 47-year-old Pearlinda left her two-month-old child, at the city fertility clinic—Dr Rama’s Institute for Fertility, where he was born, and will be kept till she returns. She decided to visit Jamaica on the advice of its consul for Jamaica in New Delhi to go to the island nation to get a passport for the baby at the earliest.

Two weeks ago, Pearlinda had caused a sensation at the Hyderabad passport complex by abandoning her six-week-old  surrogate baby when the authorities refused to issue an Indian passport. She was traced through her connection with the fertility centre and made to take the baby back. Although the Ministry of External Affairs offered to provide a travel paper for the baby, but the issue of the DNA of the biological father Eric Dalton Green became a big question .

Officials at Dr Rama’s Institute for Fertility, where Emperor was born on December 7 last year, said they have admitted the baby, and will take care of him till Pearlinda returns from Jamaica. While the hospital authorities said she would return within 15 or 20 days, it is doubtful if she can be back that soon.

As per rules, a foreigner cannot return on a tourist visa before two months of leaving the country. The absence of Green, Emperor’s biological father, made it more difficult for his wife to get travel documents for the child and fly out with him to Jamaica. HR manager of Rama’s Fertility Clinic, PSN Prasad confirmed that the Pearlinda had left for the US on way to Jamiaca, the land of her husband, to get the baby’s passport.

“The Indian government will issue travel document to the baby only then” he said. Pearlinda had made four attempts for surrogate child and would also be offered various fee concessions to make up for the troubles she’s been through.