BWSSB stumbles on water pilferage in several areas

BWSSB stumbles on water pilferage in several areas

Regularises 300 connections with penalty

In what may be an indicator of the rampant pilferage of water in the supply network of the City, the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) has identified 297 unauthorised water connections in less than 20 days, with 106 connections being discovered in the last one week alone.

In 18 cases, the residents had drawn water from the main supply lines using motors, which is a serious offence. BWSSB engineers tried to seize the motors, but they were returned as the offenders resorted to a protest.

These incidents were reported in areas of Central-3 subdivision like Cubbonpet, Nagarthpet, Sunkalpet and Sudhamanagar. According to the area engineer, over 40 cases of water being drawn illegally have been reported. But the Board has regularised these connections by collecting a penalty amount of Rs 1,500 per case. 

“There are over 20 slums located nearby. Since the roads are very narrow, it is difficult to detect the illegal water connections here. Drawing water using motors is a known offence and it could not be controlled due to some rowdy elements. But the BWSSB drive to regularise water connections has instilled fear among the residents,” the engineer said. Such incidents were also reported in Banappa Park and VV Puram areas.

Many unauthorised connections were found in North-5 subdivision located in Dasarahalli, the newly added BBMP area, where residents had drawn pipelines from the main supply line to their houses without paying BWSSB. Residents from areas like Dasarahalli, Model Colony and Kalyan Nagar were found to have drawn illegal connections from supply pipelines. 

According to the area engineer, there are around 550 such cases and in over 300 cases, the water connections have been regularised after collecting penalty.
“This is a new area of Greater Bangalore where water supply was commissioned recently. Many residents were drawing water illegally. The Board is penalising the offenders and regularising their connections,” the engineer said. 

The BWSSB has issued notices in 117 other cases also. According to a BWSSB official, seven days’ time will be given in the notice. The residents are expected to regularise the water connection by paying the penalty. 

The time given to the residents may be extended depending on the situation. The Board started its massive drive against unauthorised connections on January 20.