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Bollywood’s top 20 superstars of indian cinema

Edited by Bhaichand Patel

Penguin 2012, pp 279, 599

This book is a collection of essays by renowned writers on cinema, paying tribute to Hindi cinema’s biggest stars.

It looks into the lives of Bollywood most exceptional legends, their struggles and triumphs, downfalls and scandals, and also the x-factor that made them who they are in the industry — superstars of Indian cinema.

Urban shots — crossroads

Edited by Ahmed Faiyaz

Westland, 2012, pp 217 199

This book explores the conflict and confusion in the lives of some Indian characters: the reclusive kid with a beautiful bicycle, a migrant to Mumbai with Old Monk on his breath, a misunderstood watchman at the library who befriends a little girl, and much more.

The blaft anthology of tamil pulp fiction — volume II

Edited by Rakesh Khanna, Translated by Pritham K Chakravarthy

Tranquebar, 2011, pp 467, 395

A karate superwoman tracks down a stolen idol, a royal family falls prey to an evil curse, and a woman’s obsession with blue films leads to a bizarre murder.

Hira Mandi

Claudine Le Tourneur d’lson

Roli Books, 2012, pp 167, 195

This story takes place in the walled city of Lahore, in an area once known as the pleasure seeker’s paradise. Through this story, Claudine attempts to capture the identity of Pakistani society by writing on its social, religious, political and cultural issues.

Luwan of brida

Sarang Mahajan

Periwinkle, 2011, pp 272, 175

Brida is a village located at the foot of the Malingo Mountains. Luwan plucks out of it a danger that will claim his life. Between him and safety lies a perilous journey, and he quickly discovers that a few assassins and bloodcurdling non-humans want him dead.

Marxism in India: From decline to debacle

Kiran Maitra

Roli Books, 2012, pp 304, 295

This book deals with the growth, evolution and struggle for survival, and the reasons for failure of this ideology in India. The author analyses the challenges that have beleaguered Marxism in our country in the last eight decades.


Charles Allen

Hachette, 2012, pp 460, 750

In a wide ranging, multi-layered journey of discovery that is as much about Britain’s entanglement with India as it is about India’s distant past, Charles Allen tells the story of the man who was arguably the greatest ruler India has ever known.

Voice of the veena: S Balachander

Vikram Sampath

Rain Tree, 2012, pp 446, 595

Of all the stars in the Carnatic music galaxy from the 1930s to the 1980s, there was one star that outshone the brilliance of the rest: the irrepressible genius, S Balachander. This book attempts to recreate the towering personality that he was.

Portraits from ayodhya: Living India’s contradictions

Scharada Dubey

Tranquebar, 2012, pp 272, 295

The author, a resident of Ayodhya herself, paints a portrait of a city that has known no peace, by studying the barricaded Ram Janmabhoomi, travelling through the temple alleyways and visiting its residents.