UK is and will remain safe: British HC

UK is and will remain safe: British HC

Asserting that it takes any act of violence ''very seriously'', the UK today assured Indians that Britain was going to remain a ''safe country''.

The assurance by British High Commissioner to India James Bevan came in the wake of yet another attack on an Indian, a 28-year-old MBA student Praveen Reddy, in the London borough of Newham last night. This is the fourth attack on Indians in last two months.Bevan, who made an introductory call on Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, also met the Joint Secretary in Europe-West Division in the Ministry of External Affairs to discuss the incident.

Terming the attack as "serious", Bevan said "we are working very closely with Indian authorities and with MEA to support the family and we will be doing everything we can to ensure that the family can go rapidly to London to meet their son. I don't want to say any more that that in the particular incident until we have established the facts.

"But I do want to say that we take very seriously any act of violence against anyone in UK. Secondly, acts of violence are thankfully very less. UK is and will remain a safe country for all the citizens."

Meanwhile, official sources said Bevan has assured MEA officials that in spite of a holiday tomorrow, the visas will be issued to the family of Praveen in Chennai tomorrow.