Disease-hit mulberry plants taken for study

Disease-hit mulberry plants taken for study

Silk scientists from Bangalore visit farm in Shidlaghatta

Scientists from the Central Silk Research Centre and the University of Agriculture, Bangalore, visited a farm near the town on Friday to examine the mulberry leaves affected by yellow-spot disease.

They took a plant sample from the farm belonging to Anjinappa behind the pump house on the outskirts of the town for further study at the Centre.

Reasons to succumb

“Using excessive amounts of chemical fertilizers without testing the fertility of the soil prevents the plants from absorbing micro-nutrients from the soil. The health of the plants are wrecked even by congestion, when the plants are grown too close to each other. A third reason is reduction in resistance to disease,” explained Professor Rangaswamy of the University of Agriculture.

He added that the disease was through pests that suck tender leaves of nutrient elements.

“Another chance is attack of viruses. Which is why it is necessary for us to take the affected leaves to the laboratory and examine. Only then can we suggest any measure to handle the disease,” he said.

‘Use technology’

The scientist also advised farmers to make the best use of technology in agriculture to overcome shortcomings.

Regional Silk Research Centre joint director Dr Jayashankar, scientist Sanath Kumar, senior researcher Ghosh, extension officer Chandrappa and farmers Murthy and Anjinappa were present on the occasion.