Marina minstrels and musings

Lang: Tamil (U)
Cast: Pakada Pandian, Siva Karthikeyan, Oviya, Gautham Purushoth, Prakash Raj, Sundararajan, Jitan Mohan, Attakati Aarumugam, Jayashree
Director: Pandiraj

National award-winning director of “Pasanga” fame is back where his heart is. This time he tackles another socially relevant subject setting his film in “Marina”, Chennai’s landmark beach, base for several denizens who seek to eke out a living, and who seek moony-moony moments and a leisurely date with sea, sand and sun.

Peopled with an assortment of characters from an old man, a postman, child beggars, to cupid-struck lovey-dovey couples cooing sweet nothings to poverty ridden children selling sundal (an eatable) snacks, “Marina”, is not only an ode to Chennai’s luminous landmark and tourist paradise but also to a social stigma against which Pandiraj makes a clarion call for ridding the child labourers and beggars infesting its sandy stretch in search of daily bread.

Stereotypical yet succinctly spotlighting on the multitude miasma of creatures that the beauteous beach invites into its bosom to feed their fancies as also serve as a stall to sell their snacks and savouries, “Marina” comes across as a deftly done docu-drama that surely covets one’s heart with its poignant tale.

Delectably laced with lively situations, and not losing track of its main trail, “Marina” also touches upon several stigmatic social situations that afflict the deprived lot and their piteous plight in their fight against adversity.

“Marina” makes for a meaningful watch and Pandiraj, who has already tasted success with “Pasanga”, ensures the film is not preachy but purposeful in its incisive portrayal of boys aspiring for education and rise above their station in life. “Marina”, like “Pasanga”, makes for a must-see watch. Go for it.