Trauma stays with them for life

Trauma stays with them for life

Dr Nimesh Desai, director of Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences says a children who have been trafficked go through tremendous trauma.

Suicidal behaviour and depression are common among them. They get psychotic too.

“Delhi gets maximum number of trafficked girl children from Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Assam, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Bihar and Jharkhand. The rescued among them suffer from severe mental disorders and have to be counselled throughout their life,” said Rishi Kant, head, Shakti Vahini, a non-governmental organisation working among sex workers.

A 27-year-old girl, who was rescued by Shakti Vahini, was orphaned during earthquake in Latur, Maharashtra in 1993. She was trafficked to Delhi and was put into prostitution where she was forced to please 10 clients a day.

“When she came to us, she was in a very bad mental shape. With constant counselling, her condition improved. Recently she won a case against her former brothel owner, in which Tis Hazari court gave four years imprisonment to the accused,” said Kant. Psychological counselling made her strong. However, even a minor physical illness brings the traumatic experiences back and she gets restless and her mental disorders re-surface.

“Recently we have recognised the role of mental health in dealing with child abuse, especially trafficking. A study conducted by IHBAS in 2007 for National Commission of Women established 50-55 per cent of abandoned women, most of them trafficked, suffered from serious mental illnesses. After a Delhi High Court Order, finally we have a mental health unit in home for destitute women in Delhi. This has to be encouraged further,” said Dr Desai.