Bihar stupa could contain Buddha lost relics

Bihar stupa could contain Buddha lost relics

ASI believes it to be the only one emperor Ashoka could not open to take out the relics

In what could be a remarkable and unique discovery, the Archeological Survey of India (ASI) has found a stupa in Bihar’s Begusarai district, which experts feel could hold relics of Lord Buddha, an official said on Saturday.

The Patna circle of the ASI has identified the location of the stupa at Harsai near Garhpura village.

“Going by the physical appearance of the stupa and the use of mud lumps, it could be one of the eight original stupas housing the Buddha’s corporeal relics. But that can be determined only after excavation,” ASI’s superintending archaeologist for Patna Circle S K Manjul said.

According to ancient scriptures, after Buddha was cremated, there was a disagreement over the division of his remains. They were then divided into eight parts and distributed among the eight powerful kingdoms and republics, which laid claim over them. All buried their share of relics in stupas specially built to serve as markers of the physical presence of the Buddha and his teachings. Till date archaeologists have identified six of them.

“If this stupa turns out to be seventh, it can be the ASI’s biggest discovery,” he said. Manjul said the ASI plans to start the excavation in the next few months this year.

“The ASI’s central advisory board has already granted an excavation licence to an archeologists of ASI’s Patna circle to undertake the work,” Manjul said.

According to ASI officials here, the stupa may also turn out to be the only one which emperor Ashoka could not open to take out the relics for distribution over the Indian sub-continent.

This stupa is made of sun-dried clay lumps and fixed with mud mortars and later strengthened with layers of gravel and burnt bricks. It is currently in a bad shape. The stupa is threatened by local residents, who are mining it for clay.

“Some local people have damaged a part of it to extend the agriculture fields. The stupa is lying neglected as it is unprotected till date,” Manjul said.