On the boulevard of many dreams

On the boulevard of many dreams


For decades, the old boulevard on MG Road was the talk of the town for its walkway and vantage view of the road.

LANDMARK : Cyrus, Alisha,Oommenand Manisha at the newly-made structure near Anil Kumble Circle. DH PHOTO BY MANJUNATHMS

When the green structure was removed and trees were axed to start the Metro Rail work, many hearts bled.

But now the boulevard is being reconstructed with a brand new look and more additions.

The stretch extending from Cubbon Park to Anil Kumble Circle is already being used by many Bangaloreans. While the stretch under the Metro is still under construction, the remaining part of the boulevard will be ready by March according to the BMRC.

Old timers can’t help but compare the new one to the old. But young Bangaloreans tell ‘Metrolife’ that they are thrilled about the new and improved boulevard. The red arch is the most striking, says Oommen, a student while adding, “Bangalore hardly has any greenery left. So when the old boulevard was removed, it was a sad sight.

I’m happy that the authorities have decided to bring back the old glory of the City.”
Apart from the eye-catching red arch, the boulevard also has a small stone waterfall and unique benches which were not there in the old one. “I guess one was tired of seeing all the concrete and construction work around MG Road. Now suddenly the small waterfall and the colours used on it make the road look a lot prettier,” says Manisha, a student. Alisha too likes the greenery present in the heart of the City.

“Of course Cubbon Park is right next door but somehow, the boulevard comes as a welcome change. Now instead of spending time in malls or coffee shops, youngsters can finally have a place to hang out,” adds Alisha.

Along the lane, flower saplings like jacaranda, gulmohar and copper pod have been planted. “It’s going to take a while before one gets used to the new one especially since the old boulevard had left such a lasting impression on our minds. But at least,
people have a footpath to walk on now,” says Krithika, a professional. 

Cyrus, another student, is looking forward to the completion of the boulevard. But he fears the unwanted crowd that will hang out at the stretch once it’s fully constructed.

Nevertheless, security guards are present throughout the day to ensure one’s safety. “Every time an old part of Bangalore disappears, the next generation becomes oblivious to its existence. But as the boulevard makes its comeback, it not only brings back old memories but a chance to create new ones as well,” adds Cyrus.