Hassan residents face drinking water problem

Hassan residents face drinking water problem

Fresh water from WG goes waste

Despite three rivers passing through the district, the 1.4 lakh populace of Hassan is yet to get clean drinking water. Ironically, in areas neighbouring the Western Ghats (WG), which is the source of several rivers, people have to dig more than 300 feet for groundwater.

Several projects to route water flowing from the Western Ghats to villages in Sakleshpur are yet to take shape. Instead, sewage from many areas is entering the rivers flowing near Sakleshpur. Several places including Arsikere, Banavara and Javagal are yet to get fluoride-free water.

Situation in city

City municipal council officials say that Hemavathi dam supplies 80 per cent of the water to Hassan city. But, in several areas, people have complained that they are getting a mix of the river and borewell water.

Every day, the CMC supplies water using 30 tankers in the city. Private suppliers also provide water. 

But, no study has been undertaken as yet to check if the water being supplied is clean.

In 2004, when the second phase of providing drinking water was planned the population was around 75,000. The CMC has now sent a Rs 320 crore proposal to the Central government for implementing the third phase of the drinking water project. 

CMC officials are optimistic about completing the project within one year if the Centre releases the funds.

Meanwhile, sewage from various layouts passes through Ramanakatte, Police Quarters, Housing Board, new bus stand and then reaches Haluvaagilu Katte. Sewage from Hunasikere enters the same place.

Haluvaagilu Katte has a water treatment unit. But, it hasn’t been functional for several years. But, water supply passes through the same unit. With rampant sand mining, the natural mechanism for purifying water is also lost.

People’s doubt

While it is common for drinking water to be supplied in sealed cans, many people doubt if they are clean. Doubts have been raised because only two companies are known to have water purification units near Hassan, while the remaining are unknown. Also, some of the companies mix camphor with water to provide a different taste.