Yoga, the 'right' alternative to sex education

Yoga, the 'right' alternative to sex education

Catching them young

At a seminar held here to deliberate alternatives to sex education in which educationists from six northern states participated, Punjab CM, P S Badal suggested that character building and personality development would be introduced as a subject in school curriculum.  Earlier, teachers in Punjab schools had refused to teach textbooks introduced by the AIDS Control Ssociety on the plea that it might give the students “wrong ideas.”

Himachal Pradesh CM, P K Dhumal announced that his government would introduce yoga education in schools instead of sex education. He emphasised that education must be according to the nation’s ethos so that a “strong Bharat” would be built on the basics of “good character.”

AIDS societies have been rooting for introducing sex education in schools in an attempt to create awareness among youngsters , especially in the 14-18 age group, about the deadly disease. There have been reports that 40 pc of sexually transmitted infections were in the 15-29 age group and 31 pc of all AIDS cases were accounted for in this age group.

However, the HRD Ministry’s ambitious programme on national adolescent education had been strongly  opposed to by states including HP, Karnataka, MP and UP.

A parliamentary panel had earlier rubbished the need for sex education arguing it would promote promiscuity. It observed that sex education “incites stimulation of instincts which is detrimental to society.”