World's fattest man needs 18 helpers to stay alive!

World's fattest man needs 18 helpers to stay alive!

 The 'world's fattest man', a Briton, is so large that he is bed-ridden but still devours eight hotdogs for breakfast and needs 18 caretakers to keep him alive.

Keith Martin, 42, tips the scales at over 368 Kgs, and is so large that he is bed-ridden.
His needs are putting an extra drain on UK's National Health Service resources and costing the taxpayer thousands of pounds as he requires an army of 18 medical professionals to look after him, including ambulance staff, carers and nurses.

Eight ambulance workers must be on hand to help hoist his giant frame to a reinforced vehicle for frequent hospital visits close to his home in Harlesden, North-West London.
Trips for health checks are the only occasions in the past ten years on which he has left his bed, the Daily Mail reported.

He also requires four carers to visit him twice a day and four nurses, three times a week to wash him and monitor his health as his staggering weight is putting massive strain on his heart and other internal organs.

Medics say he would need to shed half his bulk before he could even be considered for a gastric band to aid his weight loss.

Martin took the crown of heaviest man on the planet after the previous title-holder, an over 571 kgs Mexican, went on a crash diet.

Manuel Uribe, 44, is still listed as the heaviest man in the Guinness Book of Records but is believed to have shrunk.

Martin has also overtaken another former world's heaviest man, fellow Brit Paul Mason.
At the height of his binge-eating, Mason would consume in excess of 20,000 calories per day and would be wheeled to local takeaways daily by his carers.

Super-sized Martin seems to have no plans to follow Mason's lead as he says that his life of excess was triggered by the death of his mother when he was a teenager.

Martin has not had a  girlfriend for 20 years and can no longer find clothes that fit  him, as he is 5ft 9in with a six-foot waist.