Viral sensation comes alive on stage

Viral sensation comes alive on stage

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Just months ago, the Kolaveri rage had spread like wildfire among the young and the old.

Rhythm correct: Dhanush and Anirudh.But one look at the crowd assembled at the Palace Grounds to witness the live performance of actor Dhanush and music director Anirudh, was enough proof of the fact that the magic has still not died down.

All one could hear from every corner were the lyrics of the popular number Why This Kolaveri Di? Almost like a chant, the crowd sang hoping the actor would come out on stage but in vain. At least for a while!

The spirit of the fans didn’t die down though. While the youngsters were up on chairs ready to sing the song at the drop of a hat, the older fans were setting the mood by reciting popular dialogues of the actor.

Archana and Vidya, two college students who had come to see Dhanush, couldn’t believe that they were finally going to see him live. “To be frank, until this song I didn’t really like Dhanush that much. The rhythm is so catchy and it’s the way he sings it that makes it complete,” said Archana.

The members of ‘Rajinikanth Fans Association’ had also made their way to the concert. Said Rajan, a member, “I am a huge fan of Rajni sir and wanted to support his son-in-law (Dhanush) by coming here with my family.”

Even Sandalwood stars Ramya, Yogish and Ragini Dwivedi had come to show their support to the actor. Ramya, who is a close friend of Dhanush, said that she and the actor go a long way.

She was also happy that he was doing a concert like this for such a good cause.
The concert in Bangalore was held in support of Global Animal Rights. The evening began with Manikanth Kadri singing a few popular numbers.

Next up was actress Sanchita Shetty who danced to popular numbers from Dhanush’s recent releases — Padikkathavan and Venghai. She was later on joined on stage by Dhanush and Anirudh who sang the viral sensation, ‘Why This Kolaveri Di?’ The crowd had waited close to three hours for this moment and they weren’t going to let go of the stars that easily.

They shouted ‘once more’ after every performance and the duo reciprocated by singing the song four times, back-to-back and even involved the crowd which was more than willing to join in.