Stabbing of Indian student a terrible incident: Britain

Stabbing of Indian student a terrible incident: Britain

 Britain today termed the stabbing of an Indian student in London a ''terrible incident'' even as it sought to downplay it, saying the European country was one of the safest.

"I am aware of the case. Obviously it's a serious offence and we must all be very concerned about the victim", UK Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Jeremy Browne, told reporters in response to questions.

Three Indians have been charged with the attempted murder of Praveen Reddy, an MBA student in London, who was critically stabbed on Friday night in Newham.

Browne said the British police would investigate the incident "very carefully, very thoroughly" and they are generally very efficient in catching perpetrators of crimes.
"So, this is a terrible incident. Everybody in Britain will be very upset by what has happened", he said.

Browne, however, stressed that "bad, terrible times" happen in all countries of the world but Britain is one of the safest.

"But I hope that people will not believe that this (the stabbing incident) is typical of what happens generally in Britain", he added.