BJP plans morality lessons for Karnataka lawmakers

BJP plans morality lessons for Karnataka lawmakers

Faced with its ministers and lawmakers getting involved in various scandals in Karnataka, the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) plans to give them lessons in morality and discipline later this month. 

“We will hold ‘chintan-manthan’ (brain storming session) in Bangalore Feb 24 and 25,” state BJP chief K.S. Eswarappa told reporters after the party's core committee meeting here Tuesday.

The focus of the meet, party sources said, will be on the need for morality and discipline in the party in the wake of scandals ranging from rape, porn viewing in the assembly, corruption and illegal land deals. These have rocked the party since it came to power for the first time in the state in May 2008.

Besides scandals, the party is also faction ridden and attempts are being made by the scam-hit former chief minister B.S. Yeddyurappa and his supporters for his re-instatement.

The 'chintan-manthan' session comes in the wake of three ministers - Laxman Savadi, C.C. Patil and J. Krishna Palemar - forced to quit following porn viewing in the assembly last Tuesday. Savadi and Patil were found watching the porn clip on the cell phone of Palemar.The three are facing a police probe and pressure is mounting on the BJP to expel them from the assembly.

On the action planned against the three sleazegate ministers, Eshwarappa said the party will wait for the findings of a panel assembly Speaker K.G. Bopaiah may set up to probe the incident.

Bopaiah will announce the composition of the committee once Savadi, Patil and Palemar respond to his notice to them on their action. The three were to give their replies Monday but have now been given time till Feb 16.