TV talk

TV talk

Scary happenings

Potergeist III’ airs on HBO on February 15 at 9 pm. The movie stars Tom Skerritt, Nancy Allen and Heather O’rourke.

In this third installment of the ‘Poltergeist’ franchise, strange things start happening when sweet Carol Anne moves into her aunt and uncle’s Chicago high-

Smoke fills the halls, elevators jam and a mirror becomes a pathway to hell.

It doesn’t take long to figure out that the malevolent forces from beyond are back.

Work comes first! 

Accidents and mishaps on the sets of any film or show have become a regular feature.

Piyush aka Inspector Abhigyaan of Life OK’s Hum Ne Li Hai...Shapath became the latest victim of one such accident recently.

During a shoot, Piyush dislocated his knee and doctors had suggested he undergo a surgery and take bed rest. But all that didn’t dampen his spirits or affect his shooting schedule.

A source from the sets says, “It was great to see how professionally Piyush was preparing for the scene. He was all set to perform despite of the pain that he was experiencing due to his injury. His dedication comes out clearly in the sequence.”

Despite being injured, Piyush, a dedicated and hard working actor, came back to the sets in two days and started shooting again. Now that’s what is called commitment. Looks like in real life also, Piyush is very similar to his on screen character.

Watch Hum Ne Li Hai...Shapath every Monday to Sunday at 10.20 pm on Life OK.

Ordinary people, extraordinary stories

When death stares at you in the face and you feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins, there is only one thing on your mind — survival. ‘The Survivors’ celebrates the human spirit that helps us survive all odds.

Tune in to the show that brings to you ordinary people’s incredible true stories
of escape. Journey this ultimate test.

‘The Survivors’ airs February 15 at 11 pm on Discovery Channel.

Aerial battles

Discovery Science takes one on an aerial journey with a world premiere series, ‘Showdown Air Combat’.

Tune in and see the recreations of history’s most compelling dog fights with the restored aircraft from every era of aerial warfare flying against each other. The programme airs on February 15 at 10.30 pm.