Hyundai Technical Training Academy in Bangalore

Hyundai Technical Training Academy in Bangalore

Southern India, being one of the most important markets for Hyundai Motors India Ltd (HMIL), the country’s second largest car manufacturer and the largest exporter of passenger cars, the company has embarked on new initiatives of technical training for their after-sales support personnel.

In pursuit of the same, HMIL has recently set up a Hyundai Technical Academy (HTA) on the premises of Trident Hyundai (Hosur Road), in Bangalore to bridge the gap between what the industry needs and the curriculum offered in colleges.

The choice of Trident as the venue for HTA has a lot to do with the dealership’s role in technical training activities. The HTA is a well-equipped school and imparts multi-level technical training to technicians from Karnataka and Kerala.

Here, classroom lectures are interspersed with practical training on the shop-floor. Set up in June 2011, the academy, till date has trained 110 students in seven batches, with 15 students per batch.

Hyundai does certification to its dealer technicians as follows:
a) Hyundai H Step 1 – This certification is done by HMIL on completion a capsule training sessions for 13 days. The suitable candidates are selected by the respective dealers sent for this training to RTC. Further to successful training and passing the screening for certification, the individual is considered as “Certified Technician”.

b) Hyundai H Step 2 – This certification is in three parts i.e. Engine, Chassis & Electrical. Each part has a training period of three to five days and further certification screening similar as the one above. The successful candidates are then certified as “Expert Technician”.

c) Hyundai H Step 3 – This is purely practical and viva examinations, followed by a written test more focused on Defect Diagnosing abilities of the individual on the car. Successful candidates are certified as “Master Technician”.

Objective or the necessity

The requirement of the industry is to extend world class after-sales service facilities to customers. The endeavors are always to catch up with the latest technology, continuously getting upgraded into the product. These emerging trends continuously demand very high level of knowledge and technical knowhow.

“In Trident, we are highly focused on this ,whereby scheduled continuous in-house theoretical and practical training are imparted. We also many times take the assistance of Vendors and other experts for these training sessions,” the company said. 

In order to revise the syllabus of the technical institutions, Trident representatives have participated and suggested additions of emerging technology for revision of syllabus from time to time. Students who have passed ITI courses in automobile and diesel engineering will find the course ideal for them.

Job Nature

Candidates with academic background of automobile engineering are inducted as Trainee Technicians/Trainee Service Advisors, as found suitable. These candidates are extended on job training both practical and theoretical and are prepared for getting certified to work independently on customer’s car.

The male candidates undergo shop floor training and theoretical training in a phased manner so that they get prepared for Hyundai certification. At the same time gain expertise to independently handle the vehicle for its upkeep and regular maintenance.

The female candidates are also recruited in the same manner and also undergo similar training,  however, most of them are absorbed in back office jobs like Warranty in charges, EDP in charges, Stores Assistants and in Final Inspection of the workshop and if found suitable as Service Advisors as well.

Recruiting process

The candidates within the organisation who are working in shop floor, if found suitable, will be considered for to redesignate as trainee service advisor. Minimum diploma candidates are considered for induction as trainee service advisor through a written test followed by an interview.

“Service advisor induction from the industry is generally not practiced in our organisation. However on condition of exigency few are inducted based on past experience and through screening for their skills,” said the company.


The freshers are put under training for a maximum period of one year before the individual is inducted to perform duties related with customer interface as service advisor.

The general schedule for the said training is as follows: Four-month extensive training on shop floor to understand the activities pertaining to different departments. In between shop floor training, periodically,  trainings are scheduled for development of soft skills and languages.

On completion of above said training period, a written and oral test is conducted to assess the development of skills. If found suitable during the screening, the individual is inducted to front office activities as an assistant to an experienced senior service advisor.

Talking to Deccan Herald, Trident Automobiles Pvt Ltd General Manager (Service) G Ramdev said, “The last fifteen years have seen an unprecedented influx of technology into the Indian automobile sector. It is difficult to fathom the leap from the pre-war technology of the Ambassador to the Mercedes and BMWs.

While the Indian consumer has reveled in this flood of technology, our human capital to maintain and support the same has not kept in pace. Consequently, the after-sales support functions of the automobile industry have been at the receiving end of customer dissatisfaction.”


In spite of best efforts to get maximum fresh diploma candidates, at times, Trident finds it a little difficult to get suitable candidates to fill in the vacuum.  The reason being, most of the diploma candidates from city colleges are degree aspirants (reserved CET quota helps them), from the remaining, many of them are picked up by manufacturers.

 According to estimates, 40 to 50 per cent of diploma students in rural institutes are BE aspirants. 10 to 15 per cent candidates generally have some subjects as backlog and many of them wish to clear their backlogs before joining for a job. 15 per cent of the candidates will be willing to continue traditional jobs are in family business. 10 to 15 per cent candidates who have done well in diploma are picked up by manufacturers either for field services or for production activity. 5 per cent are girl candidates  and relocating is a problem for them.

Expansion plans

Trident Hyundai is giving a facelift to its pioneer workshops, namely Yeswanthpur and Indiranagar which are being upgraded with ultramodern amenities so as it matches with the best of infrastructural facility in the industry.

A massive 3S facility with ultramodern equipments at KR Puram will be made operational shortly during the first quarter of the current calendar year 2012.
Plans are in pipeline for new facilities at Davangere, Shimoga and Tumkur.