Hawkeye likely for Oly volleyball

Hawkeye likely for Oly volleyball

The Hawkeye ball tracking system will be in place at the Champions League Final Four in Poland next month, the European Volleyball Confederation (CEV) said on Monday, paving the way for its possible introduction at the London Olympic Games.

“The Hawkeye system will be used for the very first time in an international competition as even (world’s governing body) FIVB never used it,” CEV's press officer Federico Ferraro said.

“We’ll see what kind of reactions we’ll receive after the Final Four tournament and then we’ll have to see what the FIVB think about it.”

While there have been calls for the system to be used at Olympic volleyball events, it is a decision which can only be taken by the FIVB. “We (CEV) do not have any influence on the procedures developed for the Olympics,” Ferraro said.

The system in Poland will allow team captains the possibility to challenge the decisions of the referees twice per set using ball-tracking television replays.