Bagepalli police have no peace at home

Bagepalli police have no peace at home

Quarters of IPS officers no better than the dirty streets

After handling public problems and legal issues almost all through the day, handling further trouble in and around their own houses often proves too much for police officers and staff.

But the condition is not much different from what is described above for residents of the police quarters near the HN Circle on Golur Road in the town. The quarters were constructed several decades ago. In the last few years, new houses were built for several constables.

The condition of the old buildings, however, is far from bearable. The buildings are all damp and the roofs are covered in moss. The rooms are also pretty congested.

Although maintenance of security is one of the primary duties of the police, living in the quarters near HN Circle means a great compromise on one’s own safety for them.

The most important problem for the residents, however, is that there is no proper road in the locality. Drivers manoeuvre their vehicles dangerously on stones placed on road-side drains. Rain means slushy roads, creating problems for even pedestrians. Drainage has overflowed onto the roads, adding to the woes.


Hygiene is a major problem in the locality, for several reasons.

The police quarters has no compound wall, providing easy entry to cows, sheep, goats, buffaloes and even pigs in search of food. The drains are filled with silt and choked. As a result, the problem of mosquitoes has increased.

Of a few positives in the police quarters, the layout, which has 15 old and an additional 18 new houses, has no water problem. There are also public taps for water supply.  In spite of this, however, there are no septic tanks. As a result, human excreta and urine have all seeped into the houses.

Encroachment allegation

The area of the police quarters is adjacent to one of the main roads in the town.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, G L Ramanjaneyappa, taluk coordinator of the Dalita Sangharsha Samiti, said there are allegations that the area is being encroached upon by political and other influential persons.

He also demanded immediate survey and legal action to protect public property.