Couple wins with love on V-Day eve

Couple wins with love on V-Day eve

J&K cops try to arrest UP couple, court rejects move

When a team of J&K police knocked on the doors of Rajesh’s house in UP’s Kushinagar district, little did they knew that love would emerge victorious in this tale of two cities.

Four years after he married a woman from Jummu and Kashmir and brought her to Uttar Pradesh, Rajesh thought his world would end when the J&K police came to take his wife back to her parents in the border state.

Rajesh, who worked as a janitor at a private hospital in J&K’s Anantnag district, met Rashmi and soon fell in love with her.

But Rashmi knew that her family would never agree to a marriage with Rajesh. She eloped with him and came to Kushinagar, where they married in a temple. The couple has two children now.

Rashmi’s family had filed an FIR with the J&K police too. Last week, a team of J&K police along with Rashmi’s family members came to Kushinagar and tried to arrest the couple and take them back to J&K.

When villagers heard about the matter, they gathered near Rajesh’s house and surrounded the police team. Rashmi kept insisting that she wanted to stay with her husband.

The police on Monday produced the couple before a local court in Kushinagar, where Rashmi told the judge that she wanted to stay back with her husband. She also alleged that her uncle planned to sell her for Rs 50,000.

The court rejected the request of the J&K police and allowed Rashmi to stay with her husband.

“Love has won,” said Rajesh after the court order. The name of the woman has been changed.