Friendship conquers all

Besides donning the role of the perfect on screen couple in their upcoming movie, Tusshar Kapoor and Kulraj Randhawa are busy playing agony aunts to young people these days. The two of them were seen playing peacemakers to three warring friends, Atul, Praveen and Karan on the latest episode of ‘Superstar Santa’.

Punjab-based Atul, Praveen and Karan were best friends for seven years. The three of them shifted base to Mumbai about a year-and-a-half back and it was in Mumbai that Praveen happened to meet Sonia. The two of them fell in love and began dating. Praveen never formally introduced her as his girlfriend to his friends but they were aware of the relationship that the two shared.

Karan though was not particularly fond of her. He felt that Praveen deserved better and even voiced out his feelings to Atul. That was when everything went for a toss. Atul used this as an opportunity to create a rift between Praveen and Karan. He told Praveen that Karan didn’t like Sonia and that she was a money-minded girl who had no real feelings for him.

Praveen was furious when he heard this and even confronted Karan. Karan denied saying such harsh things about Sonia and blamed Atul for causing a rift. This led to a heated argument among the three and they haven’t spoken to each other ever since then.

It’s been a little over a year now and Karan realised that he has been away from his friends, especially Praveen, for no fault of his. He wished to reconcile.

Will Tusshar and Kulraj be successful in patching the three of them up? Will they be able to revive a seven-year-old friendship? Tune in to ‘Superstar Santa’ on February 19 at 7 pm on UTV Stars.

Enigmatic world

Mysterious Journeys’ airs on February 16 on Discovery HD World at 10 pm. ‘Mysterious Journeys’ takes viewers on very deep dives and explorations into the mysteries of the world. From Easter Island to Area 51 from Gettysburg to the sordid history of England, ‘Mysterious Journeys’ walks the line between fact and fiction in an attempt to clear up the mysteries of the supernatural and the super odd.

Rise to the top

One Man Army’ airs on Discovery Channel on February 16 at 10 pm. What do you get when you pit elite military, extreme sports enthusiasts and law enforcement operatives against one another?

Hosted by Mykel Hawke of ‘Man Woman Wild’ fame, tune in to a competition series where the toughest of the tough go head-to-head in events until only one stands as the winner of the title of ‘One Man Army’.

Building a better tomorrow

Extreme Engineering’ takes the viewers into the heart of some of the world’s monumental future projects.

Using spectacular CGI, viewers will witness the virtual construction of these mega structures and will learn about the obstacles and challenges one faces in creating these mega structures.

This episode also features some of the awe-inspiring structures of tomorrow.

‘Extreme Engineering’ airs on February 16 at 9.30 pm on Discovery Science.

(TV show timings are subject to change)