Ace the Boards with the magic mantra!

Ace the Boards with the magic mantra!

The countdown to the board exams has already begun. Practical exams are going on for CBSE students, and for ISC, the clock is already ticking as they face D-day soon.

Have faith in yourselves. Be determined to do your best. Do not panic just because your friends appear to be better prepared than you.  Keep yourself motivated. Anxiety, fear and nervousness will lessen the efficacy of your time.

These last few days are truly valuable and you have a lot to gain from every moment spent judiciously in areas of your concern.

A combination of determination, time-management, effort and self-confidence is the mantra to excel in the exams.

nOn the basis of your preparation or performance in the pre-board exams, rate your readiness to take the exam in all subjects and prioritise your subjects for study.
nIdentify your strengths and weaknesses. Focus on what all you have to do and how much you need to put in every subject

A dedicated study time with breaks help. It is quality of time rather than quantity that matters. Strike a balance between activities of study and relaxation while keeping away from distractions

Know yourself. Do difficult subjects when you are fresh

NCERT books are a must to go through to clear all concepts and content. The success mantra to score well is thorough revision of NCERT text.

Study smart. Keep asking questions to yourself. Reinforce the important points of answering a question. Keep relating to diagrams, flow charts, formulae, etc. frequently

Apply the right strategy of revision and learning to different subjects. Practise subjects like mathematics, accounts and numerical problems in physics or chemistry. Notes will help in business studies, history, while diagrams will help in biology and geography.

Keep changing revision styles to keep you motivated. While revising, keep making notes for last-minute revision. Keep your class tests or exam papers for quick recapitulation.
Plan your work and complete it on time. Revise regularly.

Prep time

Get your body clock right. Tune yourself to remain active at the study table in the morning hours as per board exam timings. Avoid studying late into the night. Start sleeping early and study in the morning.Writing a three-hour exam is not only a mental exercise, but also a physical one. Set your body clock to exam timings. Eat healthy and get adequate rest.

Monitor your progress by taking mock tests. Sit for three-hour tests, preferably as per the timings of the board. The presentation of your answers matters a lot. Practice papers should be written neatly. Well-labelled diagrams should be drawn wherever necessary.

Formulae and equations should be explained with symbols. Remember, well-presented content is more appealing to the reader. You can improve your chances of scoring better
Effective communication is the key to good scoring. Be clear and stay within the word limit while answering questions. Time management is very important. Avoid getting stuck on any topic. Keep it aside and take help or attempt it later on. It helps even in the examination hall.

Stay on top

You can perform the best only if your body and mind get adequate rest. Follow a regular sleep pattern. Prevent mental fatigue by taking regular breaks. Indulge in activities that maintain a continuity in studies during these breaks. Get a hold of yourself and say: “I can!”

(Director of Academics, Next Education India, Hyderabad)