Match goal to interest

Match goal to interest

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Dear Sir,
I am an engineering student at one of the VTU colleges in Bangalore and I am currently in the first year. I appeared for the AIEEE in 2011 but did not secure a good score. But I plan to give it another shot in 2012. If I do manage a better score, will my college return my original certificates if I paid the required amount?

Dear Anonymous,
As per the directives of VTU, your college has to give back your original certificates once you have cleared their dues.  But unless you are very dissatisfied with the present college or course, consider going ahead with your studies instead of losing a year, and you can then aim to do post-graduation from a prestigious institute like IIT/NIT, etc.  Switch over only if you are getting into one of the best NITs this year in a branch of engineering that you like.

Dear Sir,
I am a Second PUC student (Commerce). I want to become a journalist. My parents tell me that it is best done as a Master’s degree, rather than at the undergraduate level. I want to work in a field related to wildlife journalism. How do I enter this field? Do I need to do a special course? My parents want me to pursue  either a Bachelor’s in Computer Application or Social Work and then do a  Master’s in journalism. Which of the two is better? Please advise.

Dear Shreeparna,
It is certainly beneficial to start at the degree level by taking up a course involving mass communication, journalism, communicative English and allied subjects.  But in case your parents want you to have a firm foundation through a course like BCA or BSW (and also if you are definitely interested in either of these subjects), then you can always go ahead and take up a Master’s in Mass Communication after your degree in these subjects.  Most of the specialised courses related to journalism are at the post-graduate level.

Dear Sir,
I am a 22-year-old, B.Com graduate and I am currently working in an auditing firm. I was never interested in Commerce. However, I took up the subject due to parental pressure. I have always enjoyed history and was wondering if I can still pursue a career in Archaeology. I do not know any archaeologists or any colleges that offer a course in this line of work. How do I go about it? Is there scope for archaeologists in India? Why is it such an unknown field? Is it advisable to switch fields?

Dear Ashiya,
Archaeology is offered by a limited number of colleges all over the country, since it is a very specialised field, and the number of job openings, particularly in India, are quite limited.  Since you are already a graduate in Commerce, it may not be advisable to study for many more years to acquire the necessary qualifications in archaeology. You may have to think twice.  If you are still keen, you can explore options and courses at these colleges:

Government Arts College, Bangalore
Deccan College, Pune
Institute of Archeology and Heritage Management Delhi, BHU, Varanasi
MS University Baroda
Pondicherry University
Karnataka University Dharwad
University of Madras.

Dear Sir,
I am currently in the final year of a Diploma in Electronics (sixth semester) and I intend to work after this. Is it a good idea to postpone plans to pursue a postgraduate degree after gaining work experience? I would like to join the IAS. Can I pursue this after a Diploma or should I complete a degree?

Dear Rakesh,
To enter into IAS and any other civil service, you have to be a graduate in any stream from a recognised Indian university.  Your diploma does not make you eligible.  If you take lateral entry into the second year of BE Electronics and complete your degree, only then you will be eligible for appearing for the IAS exam, and you will also be eligible for other government services such as Indian Engineering Service (IES) etc.

Dear Sir,
I am a third-year Mechanical Engineering student. I am very interested in Management and I want to pursue an MBA after completing this degree. Am I on the right path? I am confused about which category (branch) of Management to study. Kindly guide me.

Dear Student,
To be successful in the management field, you need to be a people-person with good communication skills, decision-making ability, a sharp mind for figures and strong  general knowledge.  If you feel you have these qualities, you may start preparing for entrance exams such as CAT, MAT, K-MAT, etc. which will get you into the best B-schools, either for an MBA or a PG Diploma in Management.

You can choose your specialisation in MBA after you have studied for two semesters, by which time you will have a clear idea of which field suits you best.  If on completion of BE, you are still not sure whether to take up Management or not, then you can work for a year or so, and not only gain experience, but also find out your strengths and your adaptability to the corporate world.