Varied genres brought to life

Varied genres brought to life

Mesmerising Tunes

A concert organised by Meeta Pandit and Heiko Dijker, which featured a unique fusion of jazz music and the melodies of Indian classical music, was held at the Kamani Auditorium recently.

Musical melange : Heiko Dijker and Meeta Pandit

The concert was a part of a project called ‘Luminance’.

At the concert, the singing hinted at a mix of genres such as pop, new age and dance music, with the strong base of Indian classical to keep them together.

After the stunning performance, Meeta Pandit said, “For me, it was a very satisfying performance. This was the first concert under the ‘Luminance’ project. It was a very nice experience and the audience was lovely. The sound and the ambiance were so beautiful.”
Acknowledged as the scion of the Gwalior musical ‘gharana’, Meeta Pandit has emerged as a shining star in the world of classical music.

Meeta is the granddaughter and disciple of Padma Bhushan Pt Krishna Rao Shankar, the doyen of Northern Indian classical music in the 20th century, and the daughter and disciple of legendary Pt L K Pandit. Meeta has the unique distinction of being the first woman musician in the family. She said, “Indian classical music has a very deep tradition.

I consider this as ‘sadhna’ and I love this. This is a very enriching experience for me.”

Heiko is an Amsterdam based tabla player, whose playing is marked by enthusiasm and energy, depth of knowledge and rhythmic poetry. After years of traditional training with Shri Bhaswaraj Bhendigeri in India, he continued learning with grandmaster Faiyaz Khan in the ‘guru-shisya’ system. Holding a masters degree in classical tabla from the Rotterdam Conservatory, Heiko has been working with great Indian classical and other musicians and dancers, as well as with fusions of traditional and innovative music and dance.

Other than Meeta and Heiko , the concert included the charismatic German saxophone and flute player Ulrich Bernd Schroeder a.k.a. Praful, who is famous for his number one radio hit ‘Sigh’.

It also included the Dutch guitarist Wim Den Herder, who graduated from the Conservatory of Amsterdam, and has learnt under Dutch jazz musicians like Jesse van Ruller and Martijn van Iterson.

Another concert will be held in Chennai on February 18 as a part of the ‘Luminence’ project.