J&K govt makes scapegoat of employees, says opposition

J&K govt makes scapegoat of employees, says opposition

PDP president slams forced retirement of 13 low-paid workers

Opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) on Wednesday accused the Jammu and Kashmir government of making a scapegoat of lower grade employees to cover its frauds and failures.

“The corruption graph is rising to unprecedented levels and the government response to it is becoming more and more farcical. Nobody would be impressed by the government’s witch-hunt among the low grade employees to find scapegoats for its massive frauds and failures,” PDP president Mehbooba Mufti said addressing a workers’ meeting at Bandipora, 50 kilometre from here.

The PDP president referring to government announcement of premature retirement of 13 middle rung and low-paid employees on Tuesday in the name of cleansing the administration of corrupt elements.  “It looked ironically cruel that a teacher should be removed from service in the name of toning up administration at a time when education minister’s involvement in the examination scam has been established beyond doubt and the system based on political expediency not able to do anything,” she said.

‘Victim of corruption’

Mehbooba alleged that the power sector has been the worst victim of corruption, malpractices and mis-governance in the last three years. “Although the chief minister who also holds the charge of power portfolio needed to explain the downswing in a sector that had been put on rails by the previous coalition but instead a lineman, the lowest rung official in the department, has been called to account and made to pay with his job,” she said.

While serious allegations have been made against the PHE minister even by his own party-men, government crackdown is confined to junior engineers who are apparently taking the brunt of allegations against the rural development minister, she claimed. “Accountability, clearly cannot get more farcical than that,” Mehbooba added.