Terror cells active in India, warns Israel

Terror cells active in India, warns Israel

Terror cells are ''active'' in India, a senior Israeli minister has said, underlining that the recent attack on a diplomat in New Delhi should spur the two nations to step up counter-terrorism cooperation.

"The incident (attack on an Israeli diplomat in Delhi on Monday) makes it clear that there are terrorist cells in India. They have targeted recently us but in the past they have also targeted Indian citizens and others.

What one can see here is a growing joint interest of India and Israel, who are both exposed to terror threats", Israel's Minister for Energy and Water Resources, Uzi Landau, told PTI, ahead of his three day trip to India next week. Landau had earlier, served as Public Security minister.

Landau's comment came as the Israeli Foreign Ministry said, it had stepped up security for its diplomats posted overseas.

Ministry's spokesman said, that Tel Aviv is taking "whatever measures are required" to allow the diplomats to function.

He declined to outline the steps, but the media reported that Israeli diplomats in some countries had been ordered to work out of their homes and avoid travel to the local embassy.

The Israeli cabinet minister's visit will come days after the terror attack in the Indian capital in which for the first time the magnetic bombs were used. His tour to India will follow, a visit of a high level Israeli security team.

India and Israel have a continuing dialogue and sharing of information on terrorism. Tel Aviv has recently emerged as one of the major suppliers of counter-terrorism weaponry to New Delhi.