Mazy's Muddle: Chocolate Bonanza!

Mazy's Muddle: Chocolate Bonanza!

Hi dear friends, I like chocolates but I like chocolate wrappers even more sometimes.

I like the bright colours, the glittering designs, and I also like to turn and twist these wrappers to make something artistic, like a wrapper doll. I love the shiny metallic wrappers or foil, most.

Crumple them and they become tiny silver or golden beads. Pleat them and they become miniature fans on a hot day in class. Shred them and they can be used in project work, though they don’t stick very well with gum. I think I’ll start collecting wrappers!

“Oh, you can keep the wrappers, and I’ll eat the chocolates,” said my friend Chandu. “Well, I know a shop that is giving away chocolates in return for wrappers,” said Mona. “Each of these chocolates costs one rupee. One free chocolate for every four wrappers.”

“Hey, I have twenty rupees, let’s go get chocolates. We’ll get five free chocolates,” said Chandru.

“Wrong! You’ll get…” started Mona, when I stopped her politely. “Mona, we can find out for ourselves when we go to the shop.” many chocolates can you get totally with Rs 20 at this shop during this wrapper offer?

Out of the maze: 26 chocolates. First you get 20 chocolates for Rs 20. In return for 20 wrappers, you’ll get 5 more chocolates. You can return 4 wrappers to get one more chocolate. So 20+5+1=26.  And you will still have 2 wrappers for Mazy’s collection!