'I am uncomfortable doing intimate scenes'

'I am uncomfortable doing intimate scenes'

Exploring roles

It’s tough to refrain from drawing a comparison between Raima Sen and her sister Riya. The siblings are poles apart when it comes to their on-screen choices and off-screen personalities. Raima is the shy one while Riya is an extrovert. Raima is also one of those who let their work do all the talking.

instinctive Raima Sen

Raima, who was in the City recently, says she is totally a director’s actor, “Every director has a vision of how an actor must essay a particular role. I believe that an actor must be moulded according to that vision,” she says.

Her hands are full at the moment. In addition to five Bengali films that are ready for release, she has two Hindi films, Raakh and I, Me Aur Main. “I began my career with Bengali films and my first priority will always be  Bengali, everything else comes after that,” Raima says.

She recalls that of all the projects she has done so far, her role in Chokher Bali has by far been the best, “It’s a tale of distrust, adultery, lies…the characters were quite powerful in the movie. That’s one role that has remained with me,” she adds.

Lined up is a documentary-drama on the life of Rabindranath Tagore, in which she essays the role of his wife. In Rituparno Ghosh’s dance drama Chitrangada: The Crowning Wish, she plays a warrior princess and Rituparno essays the role of a choreographer.

Raima prefers to call herself an instinctive actress. “I portray a character as I see it. In addition to learning more about the character, I try and give it my twist. I like playing different roles so that I don’t slip into monotony,” she avers.

Raima has worked in a couple of Malayalam and Telugu films as well. “I am open to working in the South if something substantial comes along. I have no set rules. I go by what destiny has to offer me,” she says.

Raima doesn’t mind exploring the actor in her but says she wouldn’t want to do a lip lock or intimate scenes again, similar to what she has done in Mirch. “I have done intimate scenes before but I am uncomfortable doing them again. My family watches all my films and I don’t want to put them in a sticky situation,” she confesses. Raima is also focussing on shedding some flab, “I don’t believe in the concept of size zero but I think an actor must be in shape and stay healthy. Therefore, I don’t miss a day of my hot yoga,” she sums up.