When you have nothing to do

When you have nothing to do

One of the topics trending on Twitter sometime ago was what do you do when you get bored? From behaving like a vampire to refreshing their Twitter page every five seconds, the Twitterati came up with a host of innovative answers.

“Yes, we day dream, we stare in space and sometimes laze around when we have nothing to do. Some like to escape from reality by taking a nap. Then there are those who indulge in a hobby of their choice when they are idle. Metrolife speaks to some youngsters to find out what they do when they have nothing to do! 

Sumit, an MBA student from Chhattisgarh loves to paint. So whenever he gets free time, he sits down and paints. He says, “I am new to the City, so whenever I get time, I go for a walk or explore new places in the City. I have discovered that there are a lot of opportunities here. There is a good blend of cultures too.” He doesn’t like to waste even a single minute and keeps himself occupied with something or the other.

Yet there are some who like to do nothing and chill out whenever they get spare time. Harshita, a student, is one of them. “It’s refreshing to laze around at home and even take a nap because one doesn’t get to sleep so much on a usual day,” she says. But she does make use of her free time too. “Since I am into theatre, I watch a lot of plays. I also chill out with my friends,” she notes. Aniruddha, a management student, considers Twitter equivalent to a refrigerator.

“Every time you open the two, you find something new,” he jokes. On a more serious note, he says, “I am in college most of the time and don’t get much free time. But in the evenings, I check my mail and if I find something interesting, I share it with my friends on Facebook,” he adds. “I am also interested in technology so I love to read technical books during my spare time.” Since he coordinates with the placement cell of his college, he also looks for a job and organises the activities of the cell whenever he has time.

Living in a competitive world, there is no doubt that we are hard pressed for time. But sometimes, it’s essential to pause for a moment and take a break before carrying on with our usual routine.