'I am a private person'

'I am a private person'


A popular face on Indian television since 15 years, Shagufta Ali is definitely a household name. Metrolife talks to the versatile actress who was in the City to promote her upcoming television serial.

Shagufta, who has been in the industry for almost 36 years, shares, “My first take was for a Telugu film in Hyderabad which starred Vijayshanti and went on to become a silver jubilee hit.” She adds, “I still remember those days when my father used to be a mimicry actor and poet. We were always connected with the industry but I took up acting 36 years ago when dad fell ill and had to undergo bypass surgery. I wanted to be the son of the house and manage things so I approached Dilip saab (Dilip Kumar) as my father was close to him.

He recommended my name and I got my first assignment.” While comparing acting then and acting now, she says, “It is sad that the quality of actors and character artistes has drastically deteriorated since Hum Log and Buniyaad days. Today, we tend to be a lot more theatrical and dramatic in our style. All the ladies in most of the shows are decked up 24/7 and have so much greasepaint on that they come across as fake.”

 While talking about her upcoming daily soap, Punar Vivah, Shagufta says, “Punar Vivah is a mature and progressive show that sensitively captures the journey of a man and woman who have faced failure in their first marriage.”

Passionate about her work, the lady confesses, “I love my work and give it my 200 per cent. I prefer playing characters which connect with the audience.” She adds, “I am a private person and don’t go out partying or socialising too much. I don’t believe in splashing my personal life in public!”