Now, take a cool walk in the sun

Now, take a cool walk in the sun

Solar solutions

The solar cap will cool the heat around your face. The solar lamp will come in handy for students in energy-deprived rural areas. And to ride the solar motorcycle, you don’t even need a driving licence.

Impressed? Then head to “Renewable Asia, 2012,” a four-day exhibition on renewable energy that got underway at the Palace Grounds on Thursday.

The exhibition, organised by Triune Exhibitors Pvt Ltd, in association with Electrical Consultants Association of India (ELCA), offers a range of renewable energy solutions.

Although the 130-odd companies that have put up 180 stalls at the expo look forward to mainly institutions and corporate houses as prospective buyers, they do have a number of consumer products that attract the common man.

With power consumption needs set to go up significantly, and summer round the corner, it was high time the renewable sources of energy were explored, says Cyril Pereira, Managing Director, Triune. The expo showcases different sources of energy such as solar, wind, bio, hydel, geo-thermal, tidal waves, etc. New technologies are also on display. Besides, a seminar on ‘Renewable Tomorrow: Opportunities and Challenges’ will be held on Friday.

The Bangalore-based Sri Subadra Industries has come up with the prototype of a solar bicycle which, once charged for four hours, can be ridden up to 25 kilometres. Latha, one of the officials of the firm, says another model of lithium-ion battery will be launched in about three months. The bicycle is priced at Rs 22,000. 

The solar cap has been manufactured by Deepa Solar Lighting Systems. According to the firm’s Senior Manager (Marketing and Operations), A Anthony George, the cap is ideal for use during summer. “You can use it without charging beforehand. Once you step out in the sun, the solar panel on top of the cap gets charged and the wheel starts functioning, resulting in a cooling effect,” George told Deccan Herald. The cap has been priced at Rs 400. 

Besides, the expo has water heaters which can save 75 per cent of energy. The solar motorbike, according to Pereira, costs about Rs 36,000. “You don’t need a DL to ride it,” he said. 

The organisers have distributed one lakh invites, expect 20,000 visitors and business enquiries worth Rs 120 crore. The exhibition is open from 10 am to 4 pm (for business visitors) and 4 pm to 6 pm (general visitors). Entry fee for general visitors in other hours is Rs 49.