Yograj Singh annoyed with Yuvi

Yograj Singh annoyed with Yuvi

Cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s father and former cricketer Yograj Singh on Thursday criticised his son for running after fake ‘babas’ (spiritual gurus) and letting him down.

Yograj also advised Yuvi against partying and spending lakhs on liquor on his birthdays instead of offering food to the poor on his birthday.

He said the first thing Yuvi should do on his return from the US and visit the Golden Temple in Amritsar was to pay obeisance to the almighty for “this new life.”

He said his son was misguided about his illness in the initial stage by physiotherapist Jatin Caudhary and his other advisers. “The so called Jatin Chaudhary and all those surrounding him have spoiled his case. It hurts me the most when six months back my son told me he was going to America. Why did he not go then?” he asked.

Yograj said his son’s initial medical reports were stolen. “What business has Jatin Chaudhary have with treating somebody like Yuvraj as far as cancer is concerned? And the worst thing happened when the baba told Yuvi that he was alright,” the cricketer’s father said.