Thailand, Italy and Punjab meet here

Thailand, Italy and Punjab meet here

Foodies delight

After being royal seat, Mysore is known for its unique tasty dishes. Connoisseurs of food and keepers of tradition, Mysoreans have also been welcoming new tastes and making it part of their weekends. Tomatina in city has found its patrons here, says Preethi Nagaraj

What can a hotel, with a name oh-so-Italian, and branding all over the city screaming Punjabi food, and Thai pad noodles, serve to its customers? Well, we would say almost everything. If you thought Tomatina was perhaps a place which was grappling with identities, you are terribly mistaken. The recently-opened restaurant right across Habitat Mall near B M Hospital has been having steady stream of visitors, who are completely at home with its unique menu.

Be it Crackling Spinach with Potato, or Kung Pao for lovers of Oriental, or even Corn and Vegetable Croquettes or Crumb Fried Mushroom for those who dig continental, and quintessentially familiar Tandooris for weight-watchers, the dishes are perfect in both taste and portion. Now after anything that tasty, we wouldn’t really bother if they are ‘loyal’ to original dishes or a departure from how they are prepapred ‘back home’. If the done-to-death Gobhi Manchurian has left you tired, its time to switch over to this dish which has deep fried Palak ribbons, mixed with a hint of salt and sugar, served with potato slices sauteed in spices.
 And, some revelations are in store too. Those who thought soups are dense liquids with flat taste, should try Tamator Khajur Ka Khatta -- which is tomato water, small pieces of dates, cooked in red chilli, curry leaves, cumin and sugar. The ingredients come together rather fiercely, and combine in a form where each ingredient’s identity remains in tact. So, when the tongue is treated to the first bit of soup, it is essential that you close your eyes, and feel sour, sweet and spicy taste coexisting, yet standing apart, to treat your senses.   

Chef Kumar’s signature dishes presented by most courteous staff, warm and open ambience make Tomatina a perfect place for foodies who want to engage in a banter, while treating their tastebuds. For main course, there is a lot to choose from, including Jain dishes. Whether it’s rotis, dals, veggies, pizzas, burgers, Thai red curry, noodles, spaghettis, biryanis et al, you will sure remember the distinct taste for a long time. For those who long for ‘Italian’ khana, there is Corn and Spinach Au-Gratin (remember? Mom said Spinach is good for health? go for it!) or Cottage cheese shashlik and other dishes to choose from. 

If you have finished being adventurous with food, arrive at the desserts and treat yourself to a big scoop of ice cream smugly sitting on a bed of honey glazed noodles.

Fried ice cream which till recently was available only in few elite hotels in cosmopolitan cities, has come home, finally. Rest of the soft drinks is routine. So, help yourselves!