They make the cake you like

They make the cake you like

A cake has always been the centre of attraction in many events. You may have definitely seen cakes of different shapes and sizes. Some are well crafted to match the theme, some have unique designs and majority of the weddings have cakes with more than three tiers.

When most of you would have stared at these cakes with a watering mouth, you would have definitely wondered about the people behind these delicious masterpieces.

Meet, Denzil Fernandez and Premraj Shetty, Mangalore’s very own cake architects who started Cream Caramel (CC) in June 2007.

Denzil who completed his Bachelors in Hotel Management from The Institute of Hotel Management (Mumbai), and has done his super speciality courses in cake decoration and bakery and confectionary, started Cream Caramel with his friend Premraj Shetty, who is from Engineering background and having done his Marketing studies at St Xaviers, Mumbai.

With Denzil’s fine culinary skills and Prem’s marketing talent, Cream Caramel has grown from a small home kitchen to a full-fledged bakery. Along with catering elite customers, CC also caters huge institutions such as star hotels and big departmental stores, malls, Mangalore International Airport and various other outlets in the city.

Speaking to City Herald, Denzil reveals that CC specialises in making wedding cakes and themed cakes. “We are the only ones in Mangalore to work on themed cakes. Many customers tell us their requirements, ideas and we design cakes to match them,” says Denzil. Speaking on some of the unique cakes designed at CC, Denzil says that he has designed an eight tier cake weighing 25 kgs for a wedding. “There are many themes I have worked on. Recently there was a bubble theme at a birthday party, to which I have designed a small girl playing with bubbles in her bathroom on the cake.

However, the most memorable one is designing a cake for a 75-year-old granny on her birthday. Her children told me that she loved knitting, chess, scrabble, gardening and computers and her cake had a piece of all that she liked. The thrilled granny called me the next day and expressed her happiness,” says Denzil.

CC, has also the credit of bringing the photo print cake concept to Mangalore. Here, the cake just looks like a photo frame having the picture of the person in the photograph. “These cakes start at Rs 400 a kg at CC. Here, the customer has to send us a picture and we shall replicate the same on the cake. Just like printing a photograph on paper, we print the picture using  edible sugar and    edible ink. With a little bit of technique and baking, we can get the desired result,” says Denzil and adds that this concept is picking up with huge orders for these cakes.

Cream Caramel also makes cakes for diabetics, sugar free cakes and eggless cakes for the vegetarians. Apart from cakes, CC specialises in breads like garlic brown bread, multigrain bread and sandwich bread with garlic in it. Desserts, cakes, breads, soft centered chocolates, cheese cakes, mousse cakes, cookies, brownies, muffins tarts, pies and many other savories are also made at the CC production unit at Arya Samaj Road.
 Speaking about the signature of CC, Prem says that the  recipe of brownie served with chocolate sauce is quite a hit.

“It was our  dream to start something on our  own with a difference  and Cream Caramel is a dream come true for both of us. We will be starting a full fledged café and takeaway shop  at Navabharat circle petrol bunk  with all varieties of cakes pastries desserts, Home made chocolates, ice creams sandwiches, juices, milkshakes  and the works. Our speciality at the new café will be Chocolate Sizzlers which am sure will he a hit,” says Denzil and adds that with the expansion plans, the oven is really getting hot.