Rabid dog attacks 6-year-old boy in Mulbagal

Rabid dog attacks 6-year-old boy in Mulbagal

Angry citizens kill the animal as stray dog pack attacks over 13 persons

Thirteen people, including a school boy, were injured in an attack by a pack of stray dogs starting Thursday.

Dhanush Kumar, six, was walking to Lourdes School near Guru Clinic in Tyagaraj Colony, when he was attacked by a rabid dog in the pack. The dog bit him in the hands and both thighs.

Citizens on the road rushed to his rescue and beat the dog to death.

Owner’s apathy

The people explained that they had informed the owner of the dog that the animal had bit about 13 persons since Thursday afternoon. The owner, however, retorted, telling the people to ‘kill it themselves’. 

Angered by the response, when the dog bit Dhanush on Friday morning, the citizens killed the dog.

Tayalur Nagaraj, the Town Municipal Council health officer, and other staff rushed to the spot and carried away the body of the dog.

The citizens told the TMC officers that there were more than 10 other dogs in the pack. Concerned for the safety of the people, they requested the municipality officers to catch the stray dogs and kill them.

Other cases

The 13 people injured in the stray dog attacks were admitted to the government hospital in Mulbagal town.

Sources informed that as many as 155 cases of stray dog attack since January this year and more than 100 since February had been reported in the government hospital. 

Information on treatment in private hospitals were not available.

Against killing

The members of organisations insisting on compassion towards animals opposed the demand by the citizens to kill the stray dogs. 

Nagaraj, however, said action would still be taken against stray and rabid dogs in the town, in order to safeguard the people.